UX design case study

My Toy Box is an online toy rental subscription concept to help parents eliminate the hassle of storing excess toys at home.

Class Project at General Assembly, 2017


Team & Duration: Solo, 2 weeks

My Role: Researcher & UX/UI Designer


How might we provide quality playtime for kids without the worries of creating clutter at home and harming the environment?

Toys are more than entertainment. They provide an opportunity for a child to learn. With online e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Target, parents can easily buy their children’s favorite toys with just one click.

However, such convenience leads to two issues, (1) many parents often struggle with toy clutter. They spend a lot of time and effort cleaning up and end up throwing tons of toys away. (2) 90% of the toys on the market are made out of plastic and rarely recyclable, resulting in harmful environmental impact.




Own the experience, not the toys.

I created an e-commerce website where parents can rent a diverse range of top quality wooden toys. It allows kids to gain access to fun and inspiring toys. Parents no longer have to worry about the clutter. Eventually, it's safe for kids and environment.


feature overview



Many parents are skeptical of giving used toys to their kids for two main reasons: cleanliness and condition of toys. This becomes more of a challenge in the online shopping experience, as parents have limited access to inspect these criteria.

Here is my approach to providing parents the right information so that they can feel safe and assured when renting toys online. First, each toy's detailed review section includes photos of the toys and ratings of the toy's condition, submitted by previous customers. Secondly, My Toy Box provides toy wipes along with each rental order for the parents to clean the toys before handing over to their children. Finally, we list out each toy's materials on our website, so parents know that every toy is safe to play with.



Amazon and Target, my research participants' primary shopping destinations, offer a broad range of toys through a seamless shopping experience. However, many parents often feel overwhelmed by the endless number of choices available. My Toy Box's toy selection is curated and targets parents' need: high quality, safe, and educational.




Parents can enjoy the rental experience with three simple steps. Browsing toys is very easy, with age and type filtering options.


Next Steps

  • Designing other aspects of the experience, such as the rental return and review submission process.
  • Designing the experience from the children's perspective.